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Gambling in Slovenia is legal, local operators must get a face-off. Foreign operators can operate under any license or even without it.

How to get a gambling license in Slovenia?

The Ministry of Finance (Ministrstvo za finance) is responsible for issuing licenses to certify the right to organize a venture on gambling in Slovenia.

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According to the Slovenian laws, 45 is the overall number of licenses to be issued legally to set up gambling in the country at the same time. The minimal authorized capital is 416,000 EUR, and the bank guarantee is 50% of this amount.

To obtain a permission to run a gambling venture, the company must provide a set of mandatory documents.

  • name and legal address of the company;
  • regulation;
  • extract from the court register;
  • business plan for at least the first three years of the brand’s operation on the market;
  • description of the casino and the rules of gambling that will be offered to customers.

The Slovenian gambling regulator also requests comprehensive information about the company’s owner and the company’s internal rules.

Further, in order to make a final decision on the issue of a license, the gambling regulator will coordinate its actions with the local community whose territory the gambling establishment locates on, as well as with neighboring municipalities.

A favorable factor in this case may be an increase in the tourist attractiveness of the region. Negative – the dominance of gambling facilities in the region.

Licensing local online casinos in Slovenia

The legislation requiring local Slovenian operators to obtain licenses is based on the EU Directive 2015/1535 of 9 September 2015, which establishes the procedure for providing information in the field of technical regulations and rules for information society services.

Obtaining a permit is possible as long as one meets the requirements (as for land-based establishments). The operator must also ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • the organization of the games should be carried out through controlled and secure telecommunications channels;
  • mandatory warning of possible risks to players;
  • establishing restrictions that prevent minors from participating in gambling;
  • ensuring responsible gaming;
  • compliance with fair play guarantees.

Before an operator receives a license, he must provide technical documentation that confirms compliance with the existing requirements.

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