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Various competitions are held by advertisers and allow them to attract new customers, to increase customer loyalty, and to boost sales. 3SNET provides affiliates with access to competitions offers, among which offers from Bifiform and Multi-tabs for Russia are available on a regular basis. Contact your manager to connect to offers in the competitions vertical.

How do competitions affiliate programs work?

  • Every affiliate who wants to deliver competitions traffic is connected to offers in 3SNET upon request. To start with, you should briefly describe your traffic sources, marketing strategies and provide statistics of your websites and other data if needed. Without this information, access to competitions offers will be denied.
  • Every competitions offer has a detailed description with requirements which affiliates have to meet to get their traffic paid: GEOs, traffic sources, creatives, test volumes and payment terms. Usually competitions offers have a CPL pricing model; a CPA model is less common.
  • Each partner gets a personal tracking link. This link allows advertisers to identify which affiliate has delivered a particular customer.
  • To run an advertising campaign, an affiliate should choose platforms and place creatives there. Allowed traffic sources are listed in each offer. Affiliates can track statistics and apply changes through their personal accounts.
  • Payouts are made twice a month after traffic has been verified. Advertisers assess its quality and do not pay for “dead conversions”: incentivized, fraudulent traffic, and the like.

If you have high quality traffic for competitions offers, welcome to 3SNET!


At the moment, we have paused the acceptance of this type of traffic. Meantime you can still find offers from all legal TSUPIS bookmakers from Russia and the CIS countries, a huge selection of betting and gambling offers for foreign countries (Latam, Asia, Europe, etc.) in 3snet system.



If you want to launch your offer in our affiliate network, use the contact form to get in touch with our sales department.

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