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Forex Club broker is working on the market for about 20 years. The company was founded in 1997 and since then successfully attracts new customers, giving them the opportunity to earn a stable income, and also offering wide opportunities for training. According to the company, there is the largest number of millionaires (the state is estimated in dollars) compared to other brokers among the clients of the Forex Club. According to experts, now   700 thousand traders successfully works with this company.

In 2011, the Forex Club received an official license to work, becoming the A class forex broker. Over the years, the company was awarded prestigious professional prizes: “The Most Accurate Forecasts” (2011), Best in China (2006-2011), Best Trading Terminal (2014), Broker of the Year (2008-2012), Brand of the Year (2011).The company has a number of advantages, so new customers are willing to register and start working with Forex Club.

The affiliate program Forex Club is also very diverse. Offers are of various conditions for convenient and profitable work:

  • Forex Club operates on the CPA model, paying the first deposit and subsequent transactions made by the new client;
  • GEO includes more than 20 countries: Russia, Europe, America;
  • the advertiser clearly specifies the terms of payment in each account;
  • Many sources of traffic are accepted, for incent and fraud the webmaster will be deprived of payments;
  • the most well-converted traffic from websites with Forex rating and websites with financial topics, as well as traffic from social networks.

The advertiser has been working on the market for a long time, steadily paying compensation for Forex Affiliate Program Forex Club.

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