Mobile audience analysis in Russia


Mediascope introduced the measurement of the Internet audience.

The most popular application on Android mobile devices, according to Mediascope, was WhatsApp: it was used by 80% of users who downloaded the instant messenger. The second and third places were taken by the VKontakte social network (75%) and the Chrome browser (70%). They are followed by Sberbank (68%), Viber (67%), Instagram (66%). The latest in popularity was the pre-installed Google speech synthesizer on Android, which is accessed by 1% of users.

VKontakte remains the largest mobile resource in Russia (web and application in aggregate). 27% of mobile users go to the social network daily, and its audience is 14.4 million people. The WhatsApp messenger with a audience of 14.2 million people is a little behind, accounting for 26.5% of mobile device users. In third and fourth places are Google search engines (12.2 million people, 22.9%) and Yandex (11.3 million people, 21.2%).


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