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Case: Traffic brokering in Mining

In 2017 the cryptocurrency mining becomes a hiping subject therefore to miss an opportunity to monetize traffic in this niche is inadmissible.

Network: 3Snet
Offer: Hashflare
Period: 11.07.2017-25.07.2017
Source: Facebook ad targeting
Investment: 30 000 RUB
Revenue: 140 000 RUB
Profit: 110 000 RUB

I started running Hashflare offer with Revshare payment model. At the beginning it was 20%, but later the percent a bit decreased down to 18%. But it didn’t affected the outcomes due to the high conversion rate. This offer has several advantages:

• the brand is most popular in Russia (I checked through the Wordstat service) +bought capacities there for myself earlier;
• at the same time it has huge potential because the offer accepts traffic from around the world. There are various lending pages in other languages, GEO – the WW. It allows to look for cheap traffic in other regions.

Firstly I tested it for RU, now i’m planning to try it for English-speaking countries.

What about creatives? – will you probably ask. It’s simple – we can take pictures closely related to mining, cryptocurrency. In addition write a very simple text with appeal to action. I can’t share my example because i’m still running this offer.

There is one perticularity on this offer: users make registration, but they don’t hurry to perform target operation therefore profit doesn’t increase immediately, there is some delay. As it’s evident from the from the statistics screenshot, the first significant profit was made after 30 registrations. The base of engaged users gradually grew up that allowed to gain decent income.

The other day there was good news: the social network VK has made the decision to remove the limitation for advertizing of crypto services and products. After that the potential of this offer has increased even more!

“Our team believes in the principles of the maximum openness and security which the blockchain technology relies on. We have decided to remove the limitation in the advertizing platform VK in order to open more opportunities for active development of the cryptocurrency market”, – Andrey Rogozov, the managing director of VK has commented.

So I will try this offer in VK now!

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