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Case: More than a million rubles per month with Instagram and 3Snet

I work with Instagram and I have the publics a total quantity of 6 million users there. I earned money by selling the advertising placements and sometimes I tested different offers. the offers with registrations had good conversion rates, but I barely earned a profit due to limits or low price of registration.

Network: 3Snet
Offer: Vulkan CPL RU
Paid event: Signing up on the advertiser`s website
Period: May 2017
Advertising format: Own network of publics + Purchase of posts
Investment: 110 000RUB
Profit: 1 217 000RUB

I joined 3Snet at the end of April. I heard from a partner that this network pays high for Instagram traffic. The manager requested the link of my group and advertizing materials. I shared the required info and was offered of test cap 50 leads + test payout 400 RUB per lead.

I prepared video where beautiful girls told their success stories with Vulkan, in the description of pictures there was a link which redirected to a public where all these videos and a photos of winners were collected. And, of course, there was posted my links to the casino.

To start I used small publics of my network in order to not overcome the test cap, it was consumed within two days.

After the test I was given the daily volume 150 leads and I started the promotion in all my network. Honestly, it was necessary to prepare more publics as far they were banned quickly. Besides, it was necessary to change quickly advertizing creatives with links to my group.

In 10th May I received payment and in order to motivate me increase the daily volume they lifted payment +15 RUB, and business was getting much better.

In the middle of the month they increased my personal cap up to 400 leads per. Unfortunately, there wasn’t so much traffic in my network and I bought advertizing placements in similar publics. I placed the creatives there and I started the promotion but the advertiser complained that the traffic quality decreased. We agreed that I won’t wix up my own traffic any more and I will increase gradually the amount of publics. Now I’m expanding my network, traffic quality has its ups and downs but it s always 100% approved.

I keep running this offer in 3Snet in June. Also, i was suggested to test a private campaign of Vulkan with empty user database. The payout is lower but the conversion rate is 4 times higher. To be continued…

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