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By 2025, bookmakers will have made record profits

By 2025, the revenue from sports betting worldwide will have grown to $106 billion, of which $62 billion will be made online, as the international association IBIA and the consulting company H2 Gambling Capital report. Just compare: in 2019, betting revenue was $74.1 billion, with a total gambling turnover of $490 billion. In the same year, mobile betting overtook computer betting. According to experts, by 2025, the rate of increase in betting turnover will double the growth rate of the gambling industry in general.

What awaits gambling and betting in future up to 2025:

  • The share of football, which now makes up an impressive part of all bets, will decrease with the increasing popularity of other sports disciplines, such as basketball
  • Growth in sports betting, bingo and casino betting turnover. The share of slots in this business will be reduced
  • The Asian and European betting markets will decrease in four years – from 47.2% to 43.2% and from 36.3% to 34.3%, respectively, while the share of North America will grow from 6.7% to 12%.


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