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What is new about ad targeting features?

VKontakte will have audience “expiry date”

VKontakte has said that after 15 July, retargeting audiences will have “expiry dates”:

  • 365 days for audiences uploaded from a file or collected when users take actions on an ad. It means that VKontakte will delete all users who have been in a retargeting base for more than a year.
  • 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 180, or 365 days to choose from for audiences collected with the pixel; “all time” option will no longer be available.

Audiences uploaded to advertising account before the updates will have a one-year expiry date.

Yandex.Direct launches autotargeting

Autotargeting feature will soon be available on Yandex.Direct and provide users with more visually compelling statistics. Autotargeting can be used both in YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) and external networks.

When showing ads, Yandex considers not only keywords entered by users but also their behavior. Advertisers will see all points of contact with users (algorithms from interests to behavior) in a separate settings menu. Later on, advertisers will be able to monitor statistics based on these algorithms.

Autortargeting will allow advertisers to understand what keywords and other terms trigger their ads and give targeted click-throughs.

Facebook enables users to control interests

Facebook users will soon be able to filter out irrelevant ads. The social network has announced updates that will allow users to better control their ads experience and filter out uninteresting content. One of the updates is the ability to remove interests manually from the “Why am I seeing this ad?” list. As a result, users will be shown ads that are more relevant to their actual interests.

Facebook will provide users with more information about why they are seeing a given ad. In particular, users will know what the social network thinks their interests are. Users also see how information about them got in the advertisers’ possession—a feature introduced in February.

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