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Video Day

Video banners in social network Odnoklassniki

Now game and application developers can place video banner ads in the games showcase that is expected to attract new gamers. A video banner is the first thing users see when opening the games showcase. It draws maximum attention, shows the gameplay, and immerses users in the game scenario. Game and application developers can place video banners from their myTarget advertising accounts.

Odnoklassniki believes that the new advertising format will work well for various game genres and attract the most relevant audience.

Previously, Odnoklassniki opened a new monetization service for premium content producers: partners got the opportunity to create broadcasts via pay-per-view deal.

Social network VKontakte added a new format of stories

Narrative is a new format of stories which has a title and a cover and allows combining up to 20 photos and videos.

The new function is available to verified communities or to communities marked with a special fire badge (VKontakte locates creators of unique content, marks them with the fire badge and helps to expand their audience).

When a narrative is uploaded, its cover appears in community stories. Narratives can be posted on the wall or sent in private messages. Unlike the ordinary stories, they will not disappear after 24 hours. Communities can upload up to 50 narratives daily.

Google’s TrueView for reach is available worldwide

Google has officially finished beta-testing of its TrueView for reach format. From now on, it is available to advertisers all over the world in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

TrueView for reach is an in-stream format with CPM bidding that helps to increase brand awareness and reach. TrueView for reach ads proved to be effective. Beta-testers confirmed a significant lift not only in awareness but also in ad recall.

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