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Advertising in Telegram: details of the platform’s features

The developers of the Telegram messenger have announced the “imminent” appearance of advertising messages on the service. Testing began on 8 October 2021. 

  • Advertising messages will contain no more than 160 characters. 
  • They will be displayed in channels with 1,000 subscribers or more.

One thousand impressions of a sponsored message will cost 2 euros. Launching a full-fledged advertising campaign will cost a minimum of 2 million euros. €1 million of that amount is a deposit, which Telegram will not refund unless the customer spends €10 million in a year.

Advertisers will be able to choose the topics of the channels in which their ads will be shown. They will also be able to include specific channels on the ban list so that their ads are not shown in them.

According to the platform’s established rules, no external links will be inserted into advertising posts to prevent “spying” on users. Also, the ads will not be based on the user’s interests, as their data won’t be used. All Telegram users will see the posts in the same way.


Ads will be shown in public channels. Until the income from monetization begins to cover Telegram’s own maintenance costs, the messenger will take all profits for itself, Telegram’s administration said. Once it reaches the required financial indicators, the messenger will start sharing advertising revenue with channel owners.

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