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Facebook updated ad metrics, and Yandex launched its new sporting aggregator

Facebook updated ad metrics

The single relevance score, a measure of how relevant ads are to the audience reached, will be replaced with new more granular ad relevance metrics. The detailed metrics will allow advertisers to track campaign performance more effectively.

Facebook will also remove other 7 ad metrics and replace them with more actionable ones. For example, the posts saved metric will show businesses how many people saved their ads.

Moreover, Facebook announced changes to how potential reach is calculated. Previously, the calculation was based on the total number of monthly active users on Facebook, but now it will only include people who were shown ads within the last 30 days.

Yandex launched Yandex.Sport aggregator

The new service, a successor of Yandex.News sports section, will be devoted to sports news, schedules and scores of matches. Besides, it will include a block of sport-related articles and interviews. Yandex.Sport brings a focus on sporting Stories and its integration with the Collections service, a gallery of images from sporting events.

The service is now available only to half of Yandex desktop audience, but soon all users will get access to it, and on mobile devices as well.

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