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Facebook offers new content monetization tools

Facebook social network has added tools that will help creators monetize their content.

Ads in short-form videos: creators can now monetize 60-180 second videos with image and post-roll ads. Ads can also be placed in live streams: a mid-roll ad appears in the main video player while the broadcast keeps playing in a smaller window.

Wider access to fan support products

Facebook added a virtual currency called Stars. Fans can buy Stars for dollars and send them to creators during live streams. Creators, in their turn, can set a Stars goal in their videos. Facebook is also making it possible to create, promote, host and monetize live events.

A new Video Details Explorer dashboard appeared in Creator Studio. It shows Traffic Sources Insights for each video. Facebook also added hourly metrics for the first 48 hours after a video is published. Another new feature called Comment Insights helps creators assess how their commenting on posts increases engagement and impressions. 

It is worth reminding that VKontakte social network has launched a new monetization tool called VK Donut.

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