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Spot catchy words for mailing

MTS experts have analyzed a number of the 2020 advertising campaigns in digital channels and spotted the words which make promotions more effective. The study is based on the analysis of advertising messages sent through the MTS Marketer service — SMS, e-mail, push notifications, advertisements in social networks.

The big data analysis has figured out some words frequently met in advertisements with CTR of more than 3% (click-through rate — the ratio of the number of ad message clicks to the number of displays).

Top 5 catchy words for mailing:

  1. “Without” (Без) – found in 78% of successful advertisements delivered by e-mailing. The preposition is used in the texts of campaigns based on promotion of free of charge services. For instance: without down payments, without additional fees. Such mailings especially often draw to a click number jump.
  2. “Find out!” (Узнайте) — met in 72% of successful advertisements. The classic call to action still affects the results of mailing. Recently, this word has been often used in combinations: “find out the details”, “find out the conditions”.
  3. “Code” (Код) — seen in 63% of successful messages. SMS messages delivering discount codes or promo codes are also featured as high CTR.
  4. “Free of charge” (Бесплатная) – used in 59% of successful ad texts. Mailed offers of free of charge additional services, such as delivery and consultation, more often interested the users.
  5. “Delivery” (Доставка) — spotted in 56% of successful advertisements.

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