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The bookmaking company Fonbet in April: relaunch on the Belorussian market and the record winnings

Fonbet, a bookmaking company, has been the leader on the Russian gambling market since the 2021 start. The Fonbet`s website outstrips the others as there are 7.31 million visitors a month.

Fonbet resumes business in Belarus on 15 April

The bookmaker Fonbet says it will resume and carry on doing business in Belarus previously forced to stop. As we know, the gambling and sports betting legal framework has changed in Belarus since the 1st of April, 2021. All bookmakers are obliged to reissue the license and other documents. “We are right in the middle of that whirl. But we will be fully operational in April and restart. Our clients are going to be pleased with the bonuses,” the given comments of the Fonbet representative are.

Record winnings in Fonbet of more than 4 million rubles

A happy client of Fonbet has won 4, 725,000 rubles. The luck was brought by the victory of a hockey club “Carolina” in the NHL match. A bettor from Moscow, actually, had started from three NHL matches and bet 1.5 million rubles. No surprise for him, Caroline showed the expected results whereas the client of Fonbet continued foreseeing successful combinations. In the second game, he bet on the final triumph of Caroline taking into account overtime and shootouts. In the third game, he placed a wager on the total result of more than 4.5. Experts state that it was the careful step-by-step analysis and planning which finally made the ground of his success and remarkable winnings. Mind, that the total 2020 revenue of the bookmaker Fonbet was 52.19 bn rubles.

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