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Where do Russians meet new people?

Russians like to meet new people while travelling. Half the time people lose contact after their trip ends. Travel buddies spend time together while travelling but then don’t keep in touch. However, according to analysts from MAPS.ME and ResearchMe, many people have made good friends on a train.

The vast majority of respondents (92%) meet new people on trains: 42% meet new people often, every second traveler does it from time to time, and only 8% never do it.

The main reason why people don’t make friends while travelling is that they travel with somebody: 61% of respondents don’t travel alone and don’t need new acquaintances. A third of respondents avoid new people because they want to stay alone. Almost as many people are too shy to start a conversation. 6% have difficulty with the language barrier.

When on vacation, people most often meet somebody in hotels, during excursions, on the beach or by the pool. It is interesting to note that women are more likely to meet new people in hotels while men choose bars and restaurants. Websites and applications for meeting new people are still not very popular among Russian tourists—only one person in ten uses them while travelling.

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