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Major trends in betting industry 2019

Improvements in the betting industry take place every year: new features and marketing tools appear, target audience becomes broader. As a result, the overall global betting revenue will grow by 80% in the next five years. Experts from the international company FavBet named the major trends that will prevail in the betting industry during 2019.

Responsive websites and “mobile” clients

To have a responsive website that will suit any mobile device is a priority for bookmakers in 2019. It will become easier to make bets while you are in the street, in a shopping center, or on vacation. In 2018, more than a half of clients visited betting sites on their tablets and smartphones. This trend will continue throughout 2019, while a couple of years ago, no more than 10% of users made bets through mobile applications.

Betting on cybersport becomes more popular

Traditional sports and horse racing, which betting was earlier associated with, are now joined by betting on cybersport, which seemed exotic several years ago. At the same time, the audience has become younger since cybersport fans entered the betting market.

Analysts also connect the rise in popularity of betting on cybersport with the fact that cybersport was officially recognized by sports organizations. 2018 saw a 230% increase in the overall betting volume for cybersport in FavBet.

Cryptocurrencies as payment method

The number of bookmakers who do not accept bets in cryptocurrencies will gradually reduce to zero in 2019. Moreover, we will probably see the bookmakers who will accept cryptocurrencies as the only payment method.

VR and 3D slot machines

Virtual reality, high-quality graphics and sound effects will make online casino even more realistic that will modify the previously popular trend for video poker. However, this trend will not develop at the fastest pace in 2019 that is due to the fact that not all online players have high-quality devices. Experts forecast that a VR gaming suit being used as an internet surfing tool will get more popular within two or three years.


Popularity of online casino with live dealers will be growing throughout 2019. Owners will be investing more into this sphere.

Popularity of betting on events

Besides the traditional horse racing and sports betting and the new trend for cybersport, betting on various events will be gaining popularity: Eurovision, the Oscars, events in the life of celebrities, etc. Moreover, more gaming sites will appear, the quality of graphics and visual effects will improve, and other positive changes will take place.

As for risks, experts in FavBet believe that they will be related to laws and regulations surrounding betting in this or that particular country.

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