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Russian Social Networks: Trends 2018

Brand Analytics were studying Russian social networks in 2018, and now let’s have a look at six main trends they have named.

Popularity of Instagram

According to Brand Analytics, the number of authors and the amount of content in the Russian segment of Instagram have increased three times in 18 months. AiTarget ​company (Instagram and Facebook marketing partner in Russia) states that Russia is ranked first in Europe and sixth worldwide by the number of Instagram active users in 2018.

Video formats

Every fifth publication in the Russian segment of Facebook and every seventh publication in Odnoklassniki contains a video, Brand Analytics report. Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, and Facebook are ahead of Youtube and Instagram in daily volume of video content.

Personalized social networks

It has become important for Russian users to reduce incoming information and to adjust it to their needs. For this reason, forums, thematic websites, communities in social networks, and services for news feed personalization have gained popularity (for example, Telegram with its public channels).  

Older audience of social networks

Analysts have determined that a gain in the Russian Facebook audience is mainly constituted of over-45-year-olds. The two exceptions from this trend are Twitter with younger audience coming back and Odnoklassniki with their new youth-oriented content.   


Social networks are concerned about keeping their users active and increasing content quality that makes them introduce new formats and ways of making money, Brand Analytics add.


Experts note that sharing your problems, misfortunes, bad mood, and personal experience is now on trend in social networks. Success imitation does not appear relevant any more.  

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