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How are video platforms leveraging their capabilities?

Online video content turns out to be increasingly popular, as the use of online video in the professional field is limitless. The latter are used for marketing, sales, and training. Television and radio stations transfer their programs to the Internet. From June 1, advertising on YouTube will be on all channels — even if they are not associated with the affiliate program On June 1, 2021, new standards for using the platform will begin to apply on YouTube. In November 2020, they came into force in the United States. From now on, ads will be shown in all videos. At the same time, the video hosting company does not intend to share the profit from monetization with the content authors. What does it mean? Previously, ads on the service were placed only on large channels that cooperate with partner programs, and the creators of the videos received income from the placed ads. And due to the fact that channels with a small number of subscribers cannot be connected to the affiliate program, all advertising revenue will go to YouTube. Moreover, bloggers living outside the United States, including Russians, will have to pay tax and submit tax reports to Google AdSense. The tax will be deducted from the profits generated from page views in the United States. If the information is not provided by May 31, 2021, the income generated in all countries may be subject to a tax of 24%. The State Duma of the Russian Federation criticized the actions of the company, accusing it of greed and abuse of its position in the media market, and proposed to develop a unified worldwide approach to solving such issues.

Yandex.Zen has updated the interface: added pixels for videos and a conversion rate for individual covers Now everything is much easier! New interface for Yandex.Zen advertisers. has now made pixels available for videos. The new option can already be found in the settings of advertising video campaigns. Pixels help collect depersonalized data from users who have read the publications on the channels. For the new tool, advertisers will be able to analyze videos, track post-view/post-read conversions, and use the resulting data to launch retargeting in Yandex.Direct. In addition, you can now automatically generate covers by the system’s algorithms and analyze the effectiveness of each of these covers separately. You can use this option to track the performance of the best covers both in the Zen interface and in Yandex.Metrica. &nbsp

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