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How many Russians are gambling addicts and what do they do?

Two and a half thousand residents of Russia were questioned. The survey shows that every eighth resident is a gambler. The company SuperJob published the results of a survey of 2.5 thousand residents from 500 cities and towns of the Russian Federation. The survey suggested questioning financially well-off adults with an income of 80 thousand rubles and above. The respondents admitted that to some extent they were gamblers. Most of them were employed men over 40-45 (13%). Then, young people under 35 (15%). As usually, there were fewer women — only 11% of the total number of respondents.

The top professional groups with the largest number of gamblers:

  • Logistics managers (35% of specialists in this field are prone to gambling), marketers (33%) and sales managers (29%).
  • Designers (24% of them are gamblers), teachers (23%), doctors (20%), security guards, system administrators, economists (18%).
  • Accountants (8%), nurses and office managers (4%) are least at risk.

In what areas of life excitement, passion is most often manifested:

  1. In work (for the implementation of the plan, leadership, ahead of colleagues)
  2. In earning income
  3. In achieving goals
  4. In sports
  5. In an effort to learn new things
  6. In self-development
  7. Hobbies (hunting, fishing, hiking)
  8. In games (card games, computer games, sports betting)
  9. In love
  10. In lotteries

According to the social research from “Bookmakers Table Leagues” (May 2021), the number of those who at least once a year used bookmakers services has increased by almost 20 %. The number of active bettors (betting at least once a week) has increased by 35 percent. The average rate is 1000 rubles. This dynamics is explained by the impact of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions imposed. In 2021, the events of the “big sport ” returned — active betters also returned. For example, the World Hockey Championship is being held in Latvia — we place bets! It is worth saying, the situation has changed within 12 years. In 2009, VTSIOM (ВЦИОМ) published data on how many Russians were addicted to gambling and which games were in the demand. It was found that 6% of Russians were fond of gambling: 2% — cards and gambling machines (mostly men – 4%), 1% — casinos and other gambling games but horse racing wasn`t not popular with the Russians.

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