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Who can`t get by without the Internet?

in russia there is no life without the internet

The majority of Russians (62%) can’t imagine living without the Internet, as it is said in the report published upon the research by the National Card Payment System (the operator of the national payment system “Mir”). The women, being the permanent online services users, dominate in this group. About 68% of women and 55% of men can’t stand being offline. 46% of the questioned feel uncomfortable without phones. Interesting, that most of them live in Moscow. “There are groups of people who are prone to the Internet addiction. For example, the office clerks, the service personnel, and the employees without higher education,” says Irina Lobanova, head of the marketing research centre NSPK. More than 55% of the questioned over 60 admitted they could definitely get by without the web. 43% claimed they didn’t use the Internet at all. Half of the people think that they waste too much time online. The same opinion is supported by the 45-59 y/o (59%) and the small towns residents (56%). Yet, the pandemic age is considered as the time to increase the demand for the Internet.

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