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Which bookmaker in Russia is making more money?

The Federal Tax Service has published a report on the last year income of six legal bookmaking companies in Russia.

Incomes of the legal bookmakers of Russia ranked

  1. In 2020, Fonbet, a bookmaking company, earned 52.1 billion rubles. Tax payments were about 2.08 billion rubles. The bookmaker’s revenue in 2019 was almost half less — 38.06 billion. But net profit in 2020 and 2019 did not change much — 9.3 billion and 7.73 billion rubles.
  2. A bookmaker Winline had the turnover of 47.9 billion last year, net profit – only 3.9 billion. Operator indicated “Other expenses” to reach 37.7 billion rubles, as it is said. But there are no details on what kind of expenses these were. We can presume that money paid to the winners might have been included.
  3. The companies Marathon and are ranked third and fourth in this rating. Marathon`s turnover was 4.06 billion rubles and 176.6 million net income. has resulted in 241.9 million (turnover figures) and 52.1 million net profit. 2019 figures were several times higher (1.17 billion totally, 21 billion net income). This is how the pandemic affected the industry when events and competitions were suspended.
  4. A bookmaker Bwin had been in the red, according to the reports, for two years. In 2019, the company received revenue of 647 million rubles and ended the year at a loss – 63.2 million rubles. In 2020, the revenue decreased even more — 509.5 million, and losses increased — to 146.5 million rubles. Subsequently, the company was closed.
  5. An operator Melbet is buoyant. Yet, Melbet`s dynamic figures were not satisfactory. Despite this, their losses were not so substantial. They actually decreased three times. In 2019, net profit was 326 million rubles, in 2020, it decreased to 91.7 million rubles. But things could be worse…

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