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Instagram tracks Facebook user locations, WhatsApp is going to show ads

Instagram tracks Facebook user locations

Instagram starts testing a new feature that will allow the service to share users’ location data with Facebook. The name of a feature is “Location History”. It offers an opportunity to analyze what places the user visits more often. Also there is a feature to offer relevant services and products, to advertise various places of interest.

WhatsApp is going to show ads

Advertisement messages may appear at the top of the interface. First, innovation will put to use applications for iOS.

Please note that WhatsApp is considered as the most popular instant messenger in Russia.

Twitter tightened the guard conditions for blocking fake accounts

If the social network used to react only to the typical behavior of fakes, for e.g., to mass spamming, now it will pay attention to less obvious things. In particular, the signal for the recognition of a fake account can be:

  • using stock photos or photos of the other users;
  • using someone else’s profile description;
  • intentional misinformation: for example, an incorrect location.

In addition, if the fake account is detected, Twitter will reserve for the right to block other profiles of this user, even if they do not violate the regulations of the social network. Blocks will also be subjected to pages duplicating those that have already been noticed for breaking the rules.

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