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Use emojis in correspondence during lockdown!

In spring 2020, the &Walsh creative agency team, like many others during the COVID-19 pandemic, has started working from home. Inspired by the unique experience, the designers have created a suite of emojis for email, Slack, WhatsApp, and other platforms.

Эмодзи на тему коронавируса
The emoji packs are available for free and include more than 300 social distancing-themed emojis to reflect the new normal: hand sanitizer, coronavirus, toilet paper, video calls, work-from-home-dress code.

Эмодзи про карантин
Psychologists encourage the use of emojis while home working in conditions of isolation. Researchers from Chichester University (UK) have concluded that many employees feel that they are underperforming and their relationships with colleagues have worsened after several weeks of working from home.

эмодзи про самоизоляцию
Rules for effective correspondence:

Psychologists have come up with a solution: remote workers should use smileys to compensate for losing as much as 93% of nonverbal communication cues, taken from facial expression, tone of voice, and body language.

дизайнеры придумали «карантинные» эмоджи

Новые эмодзи о карантине

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