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Tips for composing a good welcome email




Triggered emails in email marketing are automated emails initiated by specified conditions or events, i.e., a certain user activity or inactivity in an email or on a website.



How to compose a welcome email


A welcome email is almost the most popular trigger. A user has subscribed or registered and then receives an email or a sequence of emails.



Welcome emails get opened much more often than any emails that follow after. User’s impression and opinion about your service or product depend directly on what you communicate in your welcome message.


Tell your recipient briefly about who you are and what you can offer. Your welcome email design should be in tune with your website design so your clients could easily recognize you.


Make your client an offer they can’t refuse. Add, for example, an exclusive promo code, information about bonuses or special offers.


  • The subject line should be honest, straightforward and catchy at the same time. How to write excellent subject lines so your emails get read?
  • Pay attention to spam trigger words to stay out of spam filters. 
  • Add images. Image links have a much higher click-through rate than text links. Images, however, should constitute no more than 40% of your email to avoid spam filters.
  • Email size does matter. To ensure your email is displayed properly, keep the size below 80-100 KB.
  • Insert an unsubscribe link to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Don’t forget to send a test email prior to running your email campaign. Make sure there aren’t any mistakes, images display properly and links do work. It’ll take some time, but it’s a very important step. If everything is alright, you are ready to start!



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