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How to boost Google ad campaign performance

Google has announced four tools that can boost ad campaign performance.

  1. Suggestions for text ads. Headlines and descriptions will be suggested automatically. This feature will be available in English soon, and other languages will follow later.
  2. Import of headlines and descriptions. Headlines and descriptions can be imported from already existing text ads. This feature will be available in the coming weeks. Google notes that advertisers get 10% more clicks if their responsive ads contain headlines and descriptions from already existing text ads.
  3. Ad Strength. Now advertisers can get feedback on ad strengths in real time.
  4. ‘Status’ column. All changes in Ad Strength indicator will appear in the Status column for advertisers to monitor effectiveness of their ads.

Responsive search ads are now available in Russian!

Responsive search ads have been in beta since spring, and now RSAs are available in 10 additional languages, including Russian. When you provide headlines and descriptions, the artificial intelligence generates ad combinations basing on users’ search queries.

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