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How to Get a Higher Position in Yandex Search Results

Rookee analysts together with Babkee technology developers have studied how the position of a company’s website in Yandex search results depends on customer reviews received by this company.

In November 2018, Yandex announced the latest update for its search engine. The company gave no details on how the “Andromeda” update works but hinted that customer reviews received by companies will affect their position in search engine results. As a result, demand for search engine reputation management (serm) services grew sharply that month. The keywords “serm” and “reputation management” were searched for in Yandex by 3.9 and 3.6 times more, respectively.

What was done during the study of Yandex search results?

The study was based on data from the Rookee service. Rookee has data of over 40,000 domains as well as of relevant search queries and positions these domains get in search results. 3,000 websites of the most popular brands were chosen for the study.

Data from customer review websites were collected using a technology based on the Babkee service. The websites chosen for the study were split in three groups: the “negative” with three or less stars, the “positive” with four or more stars, and the “undefined” with no reviews in top-10.

Experts suggested that the average position of the “negative” websites was to decrease, while that of the “positive” ones was to get higher. After “Andromeda” was used, the average position of the “positive” websites was up by 12%, the “negative” websites went down by 19% and so did the “undefined” but only by 6%.

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What does the new algorithm of website ranking in Yandex mean?

Experts concluded that a company’s reputation on the web does affect its website’s position in Yandex. This being said, a bad reputation affects the average position more than a good one does. Customer reviews and the average rating of four or more stars are now essential if you want to promote your website effectively.

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