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How to work with Generation N, a new “COVID” audience

The coronavirus pandemic forced many people to self-isolate that affected not only their daily routine and habits but also digital behaviour. Experts have already called these digital-centric people Generation Novel (N). This “emergent and significant” customer segment is determined not by their age or demography but rather by their similar digital behaviour, evolving preferences and expectations, and a clear understanding of the desired experience and result they want to get. What’s more, Generation N is also defined by the COVID-19 somatic marker, an emotional and psychological bookmark which affects their values, aspirations, and decision-making.

How to attract audience attention during the pandemic?

Generation N has brought new standards of service and loyalty. The convenience that digital technologies give people is fast becoming the norm. It all sets some specific customer expectations.

  • If a company fails to meet customer needs, customers are willing to experiment with new brands and services. Brand loyalty has fallen to its record low. According to McKinsey’s research, 75% of consumers have tried different websites or brands during the pandemic. Of those consumers, 60% reported that they expect to integrate new brands in their post-pandemic lives.

According to Salesforce’s research (insights from 15,000 consumers):

  • 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives. Companies are now challenged to give due consideration to not only customer expectations but also digital innovation. Digital innovation is no longer an addition to traditional processes.
  • 54% want multichannel, high-touch interactions. Companies should keep in mind that digital engagement among customers has hit a tipping point this year, Generation N is getting more digitally literate.
  • 90% believe companies need to improve their trustworthiness. Customers aren’t just putting more emphasis on the importance of trust in their relationships with brands but also setting a higher bar for earning that trust.

Having hit many of the existing business models, the pandemic has accelerated digital trends for 20 years ahead. This is the best moment to renew and modernize your business. Now, when customers of Generation N are turning to an average of nine digital channels to make a decision, digital technologies are becoming a matter of survival and growth. Start experimenting, inventing, implementing new standards. Focus on customer safety and trustworthiness of your service.

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