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How to make gamers spend more?

The core gaming audience—gamers who are more willing to pay for games—is millennials. Gamers of older age, however, spend more money, an analytical report released by myTracker platform ( Group) has shown.

The best age for gaming

  • The largest share of gamers who install a game and start using paid features is found among audience aged 25-34.
  • Gamers of the most active age group (between 25 and 44 years) provide almost three quarters of mobile in-game purchase revenue.
  • The highest ARPU (average revenue per user, both paying and non-paying) is in the 35-44 age group.

Install-to-purchase conversion rate
Install-to-purchase conversion rate

The most profitable games

Only in three game genres, women are more willing to pay then men are. These are “Time management” (farming simulators, Diner Dash, etc.), “Three in a row”, and MMORPG.

Players aged 65+ are more willing to spend money on crosswords, Sudoku, quizzes, and “Three in a row” games.

Choose the right time

Russian users most often spend money on games after 6 p.m.; peak time is at 9 p.m.

Men spend money more actively in the afternoon; women are more active in the evening.

The most profitable days for gaming apps are Friday and Saturday with a 7% average increase in spendings.

Paying users share in game genres by age, %

Paying users share in game genres by age, %

iPhone vs Android

On average, iPhone users—especially of the latest models—spend on games much more than Android users.

Как заставить геймеров платить больше?

Geography of spendings

Statistics by country shows that Norwegians, Swiss, Swedes, Americans, Danes, and Australians are the biggest spenders. Gamers from Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and the Philippines spend the least.

When it comes to successful advertising campaigns, Russians can be very receptive audience. Learn more: Who plays video games in Russia?

While to attract gamers from Japan, Vietnam, and China to mobile games and get profit might be quite challenging.

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