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Who visits adult websites?

The research company Mediascope has been the first to tell about the Russian audience of adult websites. The research was based on data collected from thematic blogs, communities, groups in social networks, and video services. People almost never use mobile devices to visit adult sites; thus, only desktop visits were analyzed during the research.

From November 2017 to October 2018, Russians aged 18‒64 years, including those living in small cities and villages, visited over a hundred of adult sites. On average, 10.7 million people, that is 11.3% of all Russian adults, visited porno sites at least once a month. The average daily audience of porno resources is approaching 1.6 million people, and they spend on adult sites about 11 minutes a day.

Population of porno sites consists mainly of men (72%) aged between 25 and 34 years that is 28% of the monthly audience. 18 to 24-year-olds are those who are least interested in these websites and make up only 12% of the audience.

Visitors have different income levels. The least interested are low-income Russians who make up less than 7%. Users with the middle income make up almost 45%, and those with the upper-middle income cover almost 42%. The majority, or 56%, of the monthly audience have no children under 16; more than 69% have families of three or more members.

Such researches have not been released before as there is no demand for them; advertisers rarely run ads on adult sites.

  • At the beginning of December, Facebook became stricter on sexual content
  • Lenders demand that clients send naked selfies as collateral

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