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Expert opinion. Gambling: Is there life after lockdown?

In June 2020, 3snet network analyst Alex Miller told CPAbout news resource his opinion on the situation in the gambling vertical.

Question: How is the gambling vertical doing after the lockdown? Has it faced any difficulties? Does it still remain of interest to people?
Gambling activity was on the rise during the first weeks of the coronavirus lockdown. And it was no surprise. People found themselves isolated, with no access to usual entertainments, and took a deep plunge into online activities. Besides, they received long days to fill: some people lost jobs, others started saving time previously spent on travelling to and from the office or gym.
But after several weeks, it became clear that newcomers to online casinos, despite having free time, didn’t get deeply engaged in gambling activities. Most casino players cut their spending on this entertainment. Some countries introduced gambling spending limits and gambling advertising restrictions causing advertisers to suspend offers or cut marketing budgets.
But now the period of severe uncertainty is over, many countries have already lifted or are lifting coronavirus restrictions, the gambling industry has perked up. Casinos are bringing back not only avid gamblers but also new users who registered out of interest during the lockdown.
As of the end of June 2020, it can be said that stability is gradually returning to the gambling vertical.

Alex Miller also shared his thoughts on the most prospective GEO, the most top-rated pricing model, and the most popular traffic sources. Read the full interview “Gambling: Is there life after lockdown?” on

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