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Mobile is the most promising channel to reach audiences

In the second quarter 2020, global mobile ad spending rose 71% year-on-year and 8% quarter-on-quarter, according to PubMatic’s Q2 2020 Quarterly Mobile Index report.

  • While mobile advertising fell after the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, it recovered more quickly than desktop advertising, and continued growing until the very end of June.
  • Mobile ad spending growth is robust across all regions, but the Asia-Pacific region saw sharper increases over last quarter. This is likely due to the continual rise in cost of advertising and the earlier timing of the pandemic-related recovery in the region.
  • Marketers continue to regard mobile as an effective channel to reach audiences. With increased mobile media consumption during the pandemic, mobile ad engagement rose 15%.
  • Mobile video ad spending grew 116% over pre-pandemic levels. The growth, however, wasn’t steady: spending contracted sharply in the beginning of spring.
  • Though there was a rise in TV watching during the pandemic, advertisers were unwilling to invest in traditional ad-serving on TV. A 2.5% pre-pandemic increase in global TV ad spending was followed by a 13.8% fall after the outset of the pandemic. Digital video ad spending was doing well both before and after the outset, with a respective growth of 20.2% and 5%.

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