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Case: Monetization of entertainment email database on gambling offer

Our company owns and develops a lot of digital and content projects (dating, music portals and projects about healthy lifestyle, erotic content projects, video, animation, cookery, entertainment, news websites, as well as other popular thematics, mobile applications, games and Etc.) People register and subscribe to the news at all of our projects. We have a huge e-mail database and can make advertising mailings to our subscribers. I am engaged in the monetization of our subscriber bases. In general, we sell CPM.

Offer: Vulkan CPL and Vulkan CPA
Paid action: Approved lead and first deposit
Payout: 100r-130r for approved lead, 2100 – first deposit.
Period: March – A[pril 2017
Advertising format: E-mail
Spent: 0 rubles
Profit: 476 880 rubles

The guys from 3snet came to me and offered to make the gambling newsletter on the CPL and CPA deal. Actually, we do not work like this, but the money plan has not been canceled. Clients for CPM became less and less, so I decided to try.

I started the CPL distribution with a small volume (50K letters), and I used the most convertible creative (according to the manager) provided by 3Snet. So I did not spend the company’s resources for the production of mailers. The screenshot shows that the first flight of 50K letters started on March 21. I used 8 mailers from 3Snet in it to find the most working one. I made a 100K dispatch jn 22nd of March, 150K – March 25, another 50K – April 4, to check the circuit for performance before a powerful shot. I fired a mailing of half a million letters jn 5th of April, and the result was so good that i shot 50K every morning on 11th, 12th. 13th of April. The result was the same – the dispatch was high converting!

Find a screen of how the mail went:

Total, the first flight brought in a half times moremoney than if the company sold the newsletter by CPM.

And last week my manager gave me an offer for deposits. Said, the envelope is excellent! Having no reason not to believe, I fired 2 mailings. I will write about this another time.

And now the guys told me that they would like to buy our CPM! But I think that I will continue to work in the same format, because it turns out to be more profitable, and the CPM clients do not f**k my brain with the mailers and other questions.

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