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myTarget Takes Digital Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation to Next Level

myTarget platform from Mail.Ru Group has introduced a new tool that allows advertisers to determine what effect their online campaigns have on users’ offline activity basing on their own CRM data.

Companies can now choose the goal “Visits to offline places” in their myTarget account, and conversion counting will run automatically. Advertisers will be able to track conversion data, from impressions to visits, including customer acquisition cost. CRM data are added to the system in a CSV file. Advertisers choose the attribution period themselves. Post-view attribution takes evaluation of digital advertising effectiveness to the next level.

“We’re constantly improving myTarget functionality opening up new opportunities for advertisers. Post-view attribution of offline conversions based on CRM data is an effective tool that allows deeper analysis of all steps a user takes to perform a target action and proper evaluation of online advertising performance. From now on, it is possible to track what conversions in offline places online ads result in and to optimize campaigns to achieve better performance,” Yakov Peysahzon, myTarget Sales Director, commented.


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