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Let’s start sending emails! Make wise preparations

An email newsletter is an important marketing tool which helps establish communication with clients. The start of email communication should be carefully thought out. The aim is to attract maximum attention and avoid the spam folder.

Steps to effectively and properly prepare for the first email marketing campaign

Build your subscriber list by adding a special form to your website or social media profile. You can additionally motivate users to sign up for newsletters: offer them a discount on the first purchase or a gift (e.g., useful materials to download).

Use a double opt-in subscription to build a high-quality subscriber list. Invalid email addresses and bots will be filtered out.

Choose your email delivery platform wisely. It’s one of the key issues as you’ll work with the platform on a regular basis. Assess all available tools. Will they meet all your marketing needs? Find out whether you’ll get access to any other communication channels (SMS, Viber and other messengers, push notifications).

Having your own domain name is a must for a bulk email marketing campaign. Your email sender reputation depends on it. Neither Gmail nor trust bulk emails sent from free email services. Most ESP, in their turn, won’t let you send emails from a non-corporate domain. Email recipients will immediately identify where the email came from by looking at the sender’s name and will decide whether to open it or not.

Warm up your domain. Don’t send your first email to all recipients in one go. Split your subscriber list and start with a low sending volume. If you start with sending hundreds of emails, all of them are very likely to get directly to the spam folder.

Next time we’ll tell you how to create and send automated emails.    

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