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The most popular social networks are named

Названы самые популярные социальные сети

Brand Analytics experts analyzed 1 billion 780 million of Russian-language messages that were published in social media in August 2018, and estimated the proportion of people under 18 years of age among all authors.

Top 25 most popular social networks for young people included:

  • social network “VKontakte” (about 492 thousand links);
  • video hosting YouTube (363.1 thousand links);
  • Instagram (more than 274 thousand links);
  • Facebook (85,3 thousand links).

Analysts drew attention to the gap between the top three leaders from Facebook: the share of youth authors at this website is only 0.6%.

The fifth at the first five is Telegram (about 52 thousand references). The messenger of Pavel Durov, blocked in Russia by a court decision, almost overtook the quoting of Facebook.

Top 25 ресурсов, наиболее цитируемых молодежью до 18 лет

The rating also included the AliExpress online store (35,000 links), the entertainment community (7.3 thousand links), the RIA Novosti news agency (6.5 thousand links), the WhatsApp messenger (slightly more than 5.2 thousand links) links).

The last place of the list is the personal recommendations service Zen (about 4.3 thousand links).

The study identified the most youth resources according to the authors’ share of 18 years in relation to all authors.

Top 10 наиболее молодежных ресурсов

The first five included the Discord messenger, aimed to the users of computer games, music service Rhyme, the game community Steam, the streaming resource Twitch.

Skype took the fifth place, despite the fact that the overall use of the service is reduced.

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