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New CTV advertising niche grows rapidly

In 2018, advertisers spent 750-800 million rubles on advertising on TV screens and other devices which have internet connection. IAB Russia (the Interactive Advertising Bureau) calculated that the spending rose by 150-200% over the year. The information was provided by experts from Getintent and IMHO.

According to analysts from IAB Russia, Connected TV (CTV) includes Smart TV, set-top boxes, media players, and game consoles. In 2018, the number of Smart TV devices in Russia amounted to 21.5 million, and the popularity of the format is growing rapidly. Since 2012, the number of smart TVs has increased 7 times.

Ads on CTV are sold by producers of smart TVs and set-top boxes, television networks, content aggregators, advertising agencies, and technology companies. Every seller has its own targeting parameters and settings. Most of CTV ads are 15-, 30-, or 60-second videos shown before, during, or after the main content.

CTV advertising occupies only a small niche in the Russian online advertising market.

According to IAB forecasts, CTV ad spending will continue growing actively. As the format is getting more popular, it is now attracting more attention of application developers, and together with a growth in the number of new applications, we see a growth in the number of CTV devices. CTV advertising has its big advantages: advertisers can show targeted ads on big screens with the best video picture and audio quality.

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