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New advertising tools for higher efficiency

LinkedIn introduces new tools for advertisers
LinkedIn social network has announced some new features for advertisers.

  • Retargeting
    Advertisers can now create and target ads specifically to users who watched 25, 50, 75 or 100% of their video ads. They also can target ads at users who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form. The new retargeting capabilities also extend to the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Brand protection
    To ensure the quality of impressions, LinkedIn has integrated with Integral Ad Science that provides an additional layer of brand protection.
  • To filter invalid traffic, LinkedIn has also integrated with Pixalate.

Set up campaigns individually for different types of devices in Yandex.Direct
Advertisers will be able to set up ad campaigns individually for mobile and desktop devices with independent bid management.
“When you buy targeted traffic for different types of devices, you get better conversion rates and boost overall performance of your ads,” Dmitry Kachmar, Chief Commercial Officer at Yandex, pointed out.

Facebook launches a tool to help manage posts
Facebook has introduced Manage Activity, a new tool for managing personal information on the platform.
The tool will allow users to archive and delete posts (one by one or in batches) and curate their presence on Facebook more efficiently.
Manage Activity will first come to mobile and Facebook Lite app, after which it will be available for desktop.
The company will also continue building new functionality for the tool to make it easy for people to manage their presence on Facebook.

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