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New Advertising Tools From VKontakte

Social network VKontakte has offered new advertising tools: External Advertising Network, “Website Promotion” format and the possibility to post Promo Stories from the advertising account.

New “Website Promotion” Format
VKontakte has announced the launch of the “Website Promotion” format, which enables advertisers to promote third-party websites in the newsfeed on any platform. Like the already existing TGB (text and graphic blocks) format, the new format does not require ads to be tied to communities; thus, all traffic will be driven only to advertised websites. TGB format ads were previously displayed only in the web version, on the left, under the main menu.

External Advertising Network
Ads can now be displayed on other platforms as well, and all the targeting, frequency, and click-uniqueness settings will be saved. Only trusted partners can join the External Network. Earlier, in January 2018, VKontakte added monetization opportunities for third-party mobile applications which use VKontakte API; they are also a part of the External Advertising Network. VKontakte also stated that they keep on increasing ads performance and aim at saving or lowering the cost per click. From a year ago, the number of redirects to advertisers’ websites or communities has increased 62%, while the cost per click has reduced 4%.

Promo Stories
At the beginning of 2019, all community administrators will get an opportunity to post Promo Stories right from the advertising account. While watching regular Stories, users will also be shown Promo Stories in a special section above the newsfeed. Besides the ability to apply all targeting settings available in the advertising account, Promo Stories can be linked to websites or various publications, such as new posts, playlists, or articles.
The number of Promo Stories shown to a user will depend on how many regular Stories the person has watched in a row and how much time has been spent on it. This unobtrusive way of showing Promo Stories will not cause any negative emotions among users.

Previously, VKontakte offered new opportunities, which will help to develop communities.

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