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New services and opportunities to gather traffic

The Internet is a system that changes every day. And every day services (websites, search engines, social networks) offer more and more opportunities for quality advertising campaigns. For example, Facebook will launch an online dating service.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to develop an online dating service based on a social network. He said that Facebook has 200 million people who consider themselves lonely. “Obviously, something can be done here,” Mark said.

He considers the organization of the dating service to be natural for Facebook, because this is one of the main platforms for communication of people around the world. New features will be available in the near future.

After Zuckerberg’s announcement, Match Group Inc shares, which owns dating applications such as Tinder, fell 23%, from $ 47.2 to $ 36.7.

Google launched mobile-first indexing. The company informed webmasters about the transfer of their sites to mobile-first indexing through Search Console. Now arbitrators can observe a considerable amount of traffic from Googlebot Smartphone in their magazines . You can also notice that now snippets are generated from the mobile version of the content   in the search results.

Amazon Web Services announced the strengthening of the protection of domain content delivery network CloudFront. Under the new rules, developers are prohibited from using the Amazon network for domain fronts: redirect traffic to their own servers using a masking domain. Last week, Google imposed the same ban. These measures are aimed at combating malware and misleading users.

Domain fronting is also actively used by various services to circumvent state review. But after the introduction of the ban, the developers will no longer be able to use the platform for these purposes.

Yandex officially announced the beta version of the tool in the Webmaster, titled “Debugging Turbo Pages.” You can easily compile a lightweight page template with it. To build a turbo-page you just have to transfer its elements to the block of code in the “debugging”, and then change or supplement them, immediately seeing all the changes. You can also see how the individual item looks in the version of the turbo page in this way. The template created by this scheme is easily scaled for the entire RSS feed.

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