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New advertising features on VKontakte

On 10 October 2019, VKontakte social network celebrated its 13th anniversary.

A trial version of VKontakte appeared in summer 2006, and the corresponding domain name was registered on 1 October that year. 10 October 2006 was chosen as VKontakte’s birthday because a range of the website’s features were launched and Pavel Durov, the founder of VKontakte, turned 22 years on that day.

Popularity of VKontakte brought it several hundred million registered users. Statistics confirms the fact that the Russian social network is among the world’s 10 most popular social networks.  

Forecast for ad campaign performance

Forecast for ad campaign performance is now available on VKontakte advertising account. After target audience is set up and a bid amount is chosen, users get daily and weekly forecasts regarding:

  • target audience reach,
  • a number of impressions and visits,
  • approximate budget.

Users can set up a schedule and compare forecasts by moving the price slider and changing targeting settings. The feature can help advertisers to better understand how effective their ad campaign can be and how much their advertising budget should be.

Mass upload of communities

Mass upload of communities is now available on VKontakte advertising account. Users no longer have to add communities for targeting one at a time—all of them can now be listed (as a text or in a document) and added in two clicks. Links can be separated with a comma, semicolon, or new line. The system recognizes direct links as well as alphabetical and numeric identifiers: for example, business, public19542789, or simply 19542789.

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