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VKontakte launches new monetization tool

Vkontakte social network has launched VK Donut, a tool to help creators earn money from their content in communities.

With VK Donut, subscribers can thank communities and make regular donations.

Creators, in their turn, can increase the number of donations by offering various privileges: for example, provide donors with exclusive materials or early access to new publications, run closed promotions for them. Creators will be direct messaging exclusive content to donors.

VK Donut - новый способ получить деньги

VK Donut is available to every community, regardless of the number of subscribers it has or the subject it is devoted to. The minimum donation amount varies from 50 to 2,000 rubles and is set by creators. Donations can be sent to a card or by VK Pay. VK Donut will charge a 5% commission.

“VK Donut is a platform which both content creators and their subscribers will like: an easy-to-manage subscription, audience has already joined the community, any type of content — from articles to podcasts — can be published. And the commission, given all the advantages, is the lowest on the market’, VK Donut CEO Dmitry Kostrukov commented.

Facebook is also offering new content monetization features: ads in short-form videos and a wider access to fan subscriptions.

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