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Why don’t Russians use the internet?

A recent research conducted by GfK, a market research institute, showed that every fifth adult Russian (24 million people) doesn’t use the internet. Lack of need, interest, and skills were named among main reasons.

Why don’t adult Russians use the internet?

  • 48.4% aren’t interested in nor have any need for using the internet;
  • 37.7% don’t have internet surfing skills;
  • 14.1% don’t have a PC, laptop, smartphone;
  • 5% think that the cost of the internet is too high;
  • 1.6% don’t use the internet as a matter of principle.

On the whole, adult online audience in Russia increased from 91 million to 94.4 million users in 2019.

Among people aged 65 and above, the number of internet users grew from 26% to 36%.

In the 50-64 age group, the number of users grew from 63% to 66%. The number of users who surf the internet on the go increased as well—from 25% to 33%. How to advertise to people over 55?

There weren’t any significant changes in other categories in the past year. Internet penetration among 16 to 19 and 20 to 29-year olds remained at 100% and 97%, respectively.

The percentage of internet users among people aged 30-39 and 40-49 increased from 92% to 94% and from 85% to 89%, respectively.

As experts suggest, online audience growth is mainly due to the older generation. Internet users are getting older, but their habit of searching for information and entertainment online remains. Moreover, online public services and payment services as well as content created specifically for the older generation contribute to this growth.

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