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Users around the world now tend to trust online ads more

Despite the majority still having a negative attitude towards online ads, fewer people are annoyed with the ads they are exposed to. At the same time, fewer people are using ad blockers, a new study by AudienceProject showed.

The US is the only country among those surveyed where the number of people annoyed with online ads is still increasing.

В каких старанах пользователи не доверяют интернет-рекламе?

From 2016 to 2020, the share of the online population using ad blockers has decreased across all countries surveyed. Today, ad blockers are being used by less than one-third of the online population in the Nordics, 48% of Germany’s online population, 41% in the US and 36% in the UK.

доля пользователей, у которых установлен блокировщик

In most countries, more than half of the online population finds that the online ads they are exposed to are irrelevant to them. Finland is holding the lead in this regard with 77% of its online population sharing this opinion.

В Каких стрнанах пользователи считают интернет-рекламу нерелевантной?

Earlier, in February 2019, Yandex for the first time recorded a decline in popularity of ad blockers in Russia. The share of Russia’s online population using ad blockers decreased by 1.7% year-on-year as most websites are now abandoning annoying ad formats.

The study by AudienceProject is based on more than 14.000 individual survey respondents across seven countries: the US, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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