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Promo code and new anti-fraud system from PeerClick

3snet has taken a firm line: fraud is evil. We pay for quality traffic and never pay fraudsters. That is why we have launched our “Find Frauder” service that makes the Internet a better place day by day.

We are glad that our partners have joined the fight against fraudsters. PeerClick tracker offers a new anti-fraud solution that helps to say goodbye to bot traffic.

With Anti-Fraud Detection, you can get rid of invalid traffic in your campaigns. A monitoring system analyzes in real time millions of ad clicks and statistical indicators to identify any suspicious activity. All results of the analysis are delivered in comprehensive reports that will give a better understanding of your campaign’s performance.

Anti-Fraud Detection includes several tools that help you to detect which publishers are selling suspicious visits and clicks and stop buying from them. As a result, you invest into your campaigns effectively and deliver only quality traffic.

Do you want to try? Use a 3snet promo code to get $50 to you PeerClick balance. Deliver traffic and get profit!

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