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Advertising from space is a new marketing channel

Avant Space has finished testing its laser assembly for spacecrafts which is capable of displaying ads right from the orbit.

The experiment was carried out in the stratosphere and confirmed the calculations. The upcoming artificial constellation of satellites will become the brightest star on the night sky, comparable to the brightness of Venus, the developers said.

The laser assembly was launched to the stratosphere, to an altitude of about 30 kilometers, in order to confirm the calculated light source power in conditions similar to those of space.

The company underscores that the luminescence will not create problems for astronomers. The lasers will only be turned on when flying over megalopolises and will be focused to stay within the city limits.

Russia is planning to send the first two microsatellites with laser diodes to the orbit in 2022. According to the calculations of the developers, the “space banner” will be seen by more than 1 billion people. Such advertising will cost several times less than through other channels which are available today.

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