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Ads on Yandex home page, scheduled emails, and VKontakte cryptocurrency

Service for cryptocurrency mining by VKontakte

Users can now earn the network’s internal cryptocurrency with the help of VK Coin service. To do this, users should enter the service and press the blue button. Each touch brings 0,001 VK Coin.

The service is available in VKontakte mobile app for iOS and Android or via the link for the desktop version. To open service in the web version, it is necessary to scan the QR code.

The cryptocurrency can be sent to other players or spent on “boosters”, which are virtual items allowing automatic mining. Users with the largest number of coins will be listed as top winners.

Ads on Yandex home page

Advertisers can now place their banners on the Yandex home page. The option is available even to advertisers with small budget; several tens of thousands of rubles will be enough to participate in an auction. The bidding here is based on CPM, or cost-per-thousand impressions.

Advertisers can place manual bids or choose automatic bidding. The system will determine the best option: more impressions for the budget or maximum audience coverage. The audience can be targeted by GEO, and ads will be shown only to users from a particular city.

To launch an ad campaign, advertisers should prepare a banner that meets all requirements. Banners can be placed on the desktop and mobile versions of Yandex.

Scheduled emails in Gmail

Google has added the ability to schedule emails. Users can click on an arrow next to the “Send” button and select a date and time when they want their emails to be sent.

It is possible either to select one of the options given in a box (for example, “tomorrow morning”) or to set your own date and time.

Google has also updated its Smart Compose feature, which was introduced in May 2018. Smart Compose relies on machine learning to suggest ways to finish sentences, and now Artificial Intelligence can even “adapt to the way you write”.

Earlier, Google announced the launch of dynamic emails in Gmail. With the new feature, users can, for example, respond to comments on third-party websites directly from within notification emails.


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