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Soon the Internet will become primarily mobile

GfK has analyzed Internet penetration in Russia. According to the research company, the share of users who access the Internet exclusively via their mobile devices reached 35 percent by the beginning of 2019. A year ago, the share of mobile-only Internet users was almost twice lower—18 percent.

‘In the nearest future, the Internet can become primarily mobile and only secondarily desktop that will change priorities in the development of digital products, communications, and advertising. Producers, retailers, and content providers already should make sure that their current products are ready for mobile users,’ Head of Media Research Department at GfK Rus Sergey Ketov commented on the situation.

Overall, the share of mobile Internet users in Russia has reached 61 percent this year. In 2018, the indicator was at 56 percent. It is also worth noting that smartphone usage is growing rapidly while that of tablets is declining.

The overall Russian Internet audience has amounted to 90 million people this year that is 75.4 percent of Russians above 16 years of age and 3 million people more than in the previous year.

According to the research, the Russian Internet audience has been growing slowly in recent years.This growth is mainly due to the older generation. Among young and middle-aged people, Internet penetration is close to its maximum.

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