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Case: Sending Instagram traffic to Vulcan casino

I have been arbitrating for not long time, i am buying advertising posts in various social networks. After banning the casino at the VK, the choice of social networks was sharply limited. I decided to try to send instagram traffic in the way I saw at the arbitration publics.

Offer: Vulkan Platinum CPA RU+CIS (minus UA)
GEO: RF+CIS except Ukraine
Paid action: First deposit
Payout: 2100R
Period: February 2017 (9 days)
Spent: 20 000rub
Profit: 51400rub

So, my actions:

1) Created a public with photos of casino wins. The photos were different from the screenshots of the phone screens, where money comes to the Visa card, to ordinary people holding money in their hands with the inscription: “thanks Vulkan” No sense in publishing, many people saw these photos. There were about 50 of them.

2) Made a name for the group, consonant with “Vulcan” and “winnings.”

3) I bought regular bots there and asked all my friends and acquaintances to subscribe to this group, so the band turned out to be live. Spent 3500₽ for everythikng

4) I made advertising posts with pictures from my group and with links to the group.

5) I bought advertising in small publics up to 300K subscribers, and some publics had not more than 20 thousand subscribers altogether. Purchasing in such groups is inexpensive (from 200r to 3100r) and the post hangs in the top of the day and then drops down.

6) I rebuilt the graph so that at least one post was published in a large group or several in small groups each day.

The bunhc of posts worked for 9 days

People saw posts in public places and went to my group, those who were interested moved on and followed the link in the casino, those who was not interested int – just left the group.

With this method of advertising, I had very good indicators on the side of the advertiser, since the audience was active. Below is the screen of statistics for this period.

The accepted conversions are deposits, rejected – registrations, so the conversion rate is about 15% registrations to deposit at once + during next 10 days i got 5 more deposits from this traffic, then launched the next campaign, and I can not say exactly how many “reachers” there were in general.

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