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Social networks offer online dating services

Facebook Dating launched in the U.S.
Facebook Dating, an in-app dating service, is now available in the U.S. Initially the service was rolled up in a number of countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia. The product is expected to come to Europe, including Russia, early next year.
The platform matches users based on their preferences, interests, and Facebook activity. For example, if people have joined the same group or event, they might show up in each other’s matches. Users can set gender preferences for people they’d like to be matched with.
If a user is interested in someone, (s)he can send a “like” and a corresponding message to this person.
Users won’t find their Facebook friends among suggested matches. Users can also set not to get matches with friends of their Facebook friends.
A “secret crush” feature, however, allows users to express interest in up to nine Facebook friends.
Instagram accounts can be integrated with Dating profiles. By the end of the year, users will be able to import stories from Facebook and Instagram to their Dating profiles.
Earlier it became known that VKontakte is also rolling out its dating service Lovina.

Bot shows which of friends are authorized on Pornhub
Daniil Suvorov, a web developer from Arkhangelsk, created a bot for VKontakte that shows users which of their friends log into Pornhub with their VKontakte accounts. When users log into the porn site with their VKontakte accounts, Pornhub application is automatically added to their profiles. The application collects general information about users (name, city, place of work, links to other social media accounts if any) and sends it to the website.
The bot shows the number of friends authorized on Pornhub and gives links to their profiles. The bot won’t work with hidden friends lists: to run the bot, users have to either temporarily uncover their friends lists or provide the bot with access to them by adding a special account as a friend.

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