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Telegram Outlooks the Future As a Primary Tool of E-Gambling Revolution

Gambling is one of the trends of the e-market. Gambling soft providers are investing in the businesses that are expected to be proportionately profitable in the future.

Telegram facilitates online gambling

Gambling Craft analysts consider Telegram-casino to be a smart solution for online gambling. Telegram is the most convenient of all messengers. This platform appears to be able to maintain immediate connection with an online casino, despite possible ban of the gaming traffic. A Telegram-bot mediates between a casino and a player, who makes bets, withdraws currency, activates bonus options, uses a chat control panel for any actions. Algorithms are made by a casino part. Poor mobile internet connection won’t interfere with the game, despite unsatisfactory quality of some visual effects.

On the same wavelength with Telegram: Target audience, future development

Social networks have increased their share on the market by 13% over the past (2020) year to have reached the number of 4.2 bn. users. We Are Social и Hootsuite state that Facebook surmounts the rating pyramid (2.74 bn users). TikTok with 689 million is in seventh place. Telegram has managed to upgrade its position and now is in the eleventh place, leaving behind Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter. Pavel Durov, the owner, had not found his messenger even in a TOP-15 list of applications previously. As soon as Roskomnadzor unblocked Telegram, online sales rocketed. Within a month, online sales grew by 67% (to 1.6 bn rubles) the total number of business deals rose by a half as much again. The audience being active and considerably multiplying, Telegram has succeeded in boosting sales. In December 2020 and January 2021, mobile bandwidth of MTS callers, wasted on Telegram and WhatsApp, equaled. Analysts predict that Telegram will course up the scale to push down WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning, that Telegram had more than 500 million users in January 2021 and outbid WhatsApp – on the contrary, losing customers. WhatsApp announced a plan to feed harvested data to Facebook (the parent company). Telegram immediately became the runner-up in the USA (due to a number of downloads). 25 million people have registered their accounts.

  • It is interesting to note. Pavel Durov posted on his page the following: a paper airplane logo of Telegram used to be a symbol of freedom. “For us, a free opportunity to make a choice and data transfer are two things of the highest importance. People shall control their personal data – and their own life,” he emphasised.

He also says that Telegram reputation is based on a consequent and steady policy aimed at protection of the users and their privacy. For seven years and a half, Telegram has been climbing up the rating of popular applications. Since 2013, the consumer attention to Telegram has been sustainable. The consumer audience has widened by 40 % as a result. This January, the messenger has become the most popular mobile application downloaded by users.

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